My Cups Runneth Over

We know it well.  The spooge.  The 4-boob.  The woman who wears the wrong bra…

Yes, my friends, even you may be wearing the wrong bra.  “What?”, you ask, “No, not me, I have been professionally fitted!”   Well, I have news for you, sister, if you’re getting fitted at a store where the goal is to sell (aka commissions) you’d better school yourself in Support 101 – The study of bras.  I say this because I have been to several stores and have been told I am several different sizes so you are going to need to study a non-biased fit resource or find a true friend to go with you (I did both).  While on my search for the perfect bra, I nearly gave into the thought that my breasts were too odd and that no bra manufacturer made what I needed.  Not true.

The fact is, most places either don’t make or don’t have my size readily available (a woman never tells).  Victoria’s Secret, for example, tried to cram me into something to make the sale.  I expressed my concern but was told it was the right fit and the fabric would give so my breasts would settle in better.  I cannot believe I fell for that.  Now I know that I actually needed two cup sizes larger, the problem is VS doesn’t sell that cup size in the store.  So I walked off with $100 in ill-fitting bras and actually wore them (spilling out of them).  Sad, isn’t it?  The sales girl didn’t care that she just let me walk out of there with the wrong size and shape of bra.  Another example of how sales people make the sale if they know you’re too busty is to suggest going up a band size.  I was at the GAP BODY store recently and was told that the cup size increases as you increase the band size.  This was news to me.  Since I was already feeling like my breasts were crazy-shaped unruly articles of girly seduction that would never fit any support garment, I decided to give this idea a try.  It’s true, the cup size does get bigger and things fit in there, but… if the band isn’t tight enough, watch for falling rocks.  Yep, that’s right, they’ll slide out the bottom if you’re not careful.  So thanks, GAP, I wasted $40 on another useless bra – that your sales girl told me was the right fit.

I expressed my irritation to my friend one evening while we were on a walk.  Yes, I was on boob patrol the entire time ensuring neither the left or the right popped out of it’s “home.”  My friend told me about her recent trip to Nordstroms where she found some inexpensive and nice quality bras that held it all in.  She’s got a little more up top than I do, so I was excited to try them out.  We burned rubber to Nordies and I tried on (I kid you not) at least 30 bras.  Some of the same sizes fit differently, so you definitely need a runner to grab you sizes.  Some designs just didn’t work.  Especially the demi style.  That is what’s been getting me into trouble for years…  I thought it was the best style (like the Tshirt bra).  There are better styles out there, but the demi is everywhere you look.  Look harder!

What I learned from the party we had in the Nordies dressing room is as follows:

1) Measure your rib cage just below the breast.  That indicates your band size (32,34,etc).  You are supposed to get a bra that fits on the loosest setting in back.  As your bra stretches over time, you can tighten it up.  I had no idea…

2) Try on a few different cup sizes to narrow down your cup size.  (you can measure, but Nordies actually has a “fit bra” so you can try on A, B, C, etc.,  and they’ll know what you are.

3) Make sure the fabric of the bra “tacks” to your breastbone and that all breast tissue fits in the cup.

4) Make sure the band of your bra isn’t riding too high and adjust your straps.

5) Take a tshirt with you in the fitting room and try it on over the bra.  See if you like it.

Those are the basics.

<a href= “”> Here </a> is more of what Nordstrom has to say about proper fit.


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